Alien TRPG: Blade Runner Blaster

Free League’s Alien: The Roleplaying Game captures the gritty, hard sci-fi universe of the Aliens movies well, but it could easily be used to run adventures in the Blade Runner movie setting too. After all, Ridley Scott himself has hinted that Alien and Blade Runner may take place in the same timeline.

The following is my attempt at stats for the iconic “Blade Runner Blaster” carried by Rick Deckard in the original Blade Runner movie…


Pflager Katsumata Series-D (“Detective Special”) Pistol


Name Bonus Damage Range Weight Cost Comment
PK Series-D Pistol +2 3 Medium 1 $1,000 Armor Piercing, Rare Ammo, Revolver

A heavy-frame, high-powered handgun, the PKD fires 12mm caseless armor piercing explosive rounds that will penetrate almost any material. Designed for – and issued to – law enforcement agencies who deal with rogue synthetics, the gun features a built-in laser sight and double-set twin triggers (for “hair trigger” shooting) to enable rapid target acquisition and takedown, a must when facing the inhuman reaction speeds of a synth. Capacity is five rounds, held in a revolving cylinder. Those who’ve experienced this awesome weapon (from either side) tend to refer to it as “The Blaster” or “That Gun”. Due to its rarity and restricted use, this pistol tends to draw significant attention whenever encountered; authorized synth hunters are easily identified by this sidearm, while law enforcement personnel take a dim view of civilians carrying such a powerful, concealable weapon.


New Weapon/Gear Abilities

  • Rare Ammo: this weapon uses an unusual ammunition type that is more expensive to buy than normal, and may not be readily available. One full reload typically costs about 10% of the cost of the weapon itself.
  • Revolver: this weapon holds its ammunition in an internal rotating cylinder rather than the more common removable magazine, and thus takes significantly longer to reload as each bullet must be individually inserted. Revolvers require a full Round (both a slow action and a fast action) to reload. Using speedloaders (+5% to the cost of a full reload) will negate this penalty.

Designer Notes

The +2 bonus is for the green LED “laser sight” on the side of the gun.

I originally had it as “Damage 4”, but that seemed pretty overpowered on reflection.

Finally, I debated if it should be ‘Power Supply’ based as a true “laser blaster” (as per Dick’s original novel) or kept as a caseless slugthrower (either .45 calibre as per the Westwood BR game or 10mm/12mm as per the most common fan speculation)? Personally, I’ve never found any “final word” on whether Ridley intended the BR gun to be an energy/laser gun or a projectile weapon, but his changing of the sound effect for it in his Final Cut suggests to me that he (as of that release, at least) leans toward the latter.


Thanks to pnzsaurkrautwerfer for the helpful feedback on Reddit (here), where this was originally posted.

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