Aliens Boardgame: Replacement Room and Sentry Cards (Default)

Leading Edge’s Aliens Boardgame uses pre-set scenarios on static maps for its gameplay. The official Expansion, however, added a new mechanic to use with the newly included “hive” map: Room and Sentry cards. In contrast with the core game’s typical Alien distribution by random rolls, this new mechanic sees the player draw cards when entering “rooms” on the map to determine how many (if any) Aliens are in that room. Not only does this add variety to the new scenarios in the Expansion, but it is a great mechanic for those seeking to create new scenarios that use other boards (such as those included with dungeon crawlers like Space Crusade). It also makes it easy to add new Alien types (or other encounters).

In this spirit, I wanted to make my own new Room and Sentry cards, however first – like my Marine cards – I needed to recreate the original cards so that any new ones I made would match the deck.

Below is my attempt to recreate the original Room and Sentry decks from the Aliens Boardgame Expansion. I have tried to use the same layouts and images wherever possible, except when it proved impossible to find the same image used on the original card.


Default Decks:

The card decks as specified in the original Expansion rules are as follows…

  • Room Deck
    • x3 Alien cards
    • x1 Facehugger card
    • x1 Queen + 2 Aliens card
    • x1 Empty card

= 6 cards total

  • Sentry Deck

    • x7 Alien cards
    • x3 Empty cards

= 10 cards total


Default Room Cards (Front):

Alien Facehugger Queen Empty


Default Room Cards (Back):



Default Sentry Cards (Front):

Alien Empty


Default Sentry Cards (Back):



Note: I have tried to keep the dimensions of these cards as close to the originals as possible; hopefully, printing them will result in a close match, but please let me know if not.

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