Aliens Boardgame: New Marines – Timmy

Newt’s brother Timmy only makes a brief appearance in the Special Edition of the movie “Aliens”. In fact, just finding a clear image of him was difficult! However, based in part on his role in the classic 90’s Dark Horse Aliens comic “Newt’s Tale“, I wanted to make Timmy a playable character in Leading Edge’s Aliens Boardgame.

When playing the original scenarios, you can just replace Newt with Timmy, narratively presuming that he survived where she didn’t (the opposite of what happened in the movie). Alternately, you could play as if both Newt and Timmy survived and include both characters in scenarios such as “Operations and Air Ducts” (helpful if you are playing a consecutive Movie Scenario and have lost a lot of Marines in the Reactor Room). Of course, Timmy can also be used in any custom scenarios you might come up with, too.

Below are my homemade cards for Timmy. The first is designed to match the default cards from the original game, but I’ve also included two variant versions.

One, unlike Newt, gives him the ability to use a Pistol (though not very effectively), as he does in the Newt’s Tale comic. Note that the white box around certain aim values are for use with the optional Hasty Shot rules (see here).

The other follows my optional rule (detailed here) that sees Marines with the Tunnel Knowledge skill (such as Newt and Timmy) have this skill reduced by 1 when they are Wounded.


Default Cards:


Alternate/Variant Cards:

Note: I have tried to keep the dimensions of these cards as close to the originals as possible (18.6 x 11.9 cm or 7.33 x 4.67 inches); hopefully, printing them will result in a close match, but please let me know if not.

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