Resident Evil 2: New Weapons

The following are new homebrew cards for use with Steamforged’s Resident Evil 2: The Boardgame. I’ve long been a fan of the Resident Evil video game series, and the original RE2 still remains one of my favourite games to this day. Hence, when Steamforged made a tabletop boardgame version, I immediately wanted to tweak and add to it!

The Shotgun is just a slightly tweaked version of the vanilla one; it always bugged me that the Shotgun wasn’t a “Blast” weapon (but the Bowgun is); IMO, the lack of Rapid Fire needs Blast to balance it.

The Rocket Launcher is an alternative version; a reusable one you can slot into your item decks rather than limit to a single scenario via token (downside: it uses Special Ammo, cannot be reloaded, and is Cumbersome). I may tweak it further to give it just two shots total, if too extreme (however I did imagine using this as an “unlockable” bonus weapon rather than a serious normal weapon).

The Handgun differs from the vanilla version only by removing the “Rapid Fire” special ability. This is for those who want an extra challenge (and to better reflect the difference between the default Browning/VP70 and the Colt SAA in the original video game).

The Raging Bull is the awesome magnum revolver from RE0 (a custom order for Barry Burton by the Kendo brothers). Game-wise, it should be even more powerful than the Custom Magnum (i.e. the Custom D.E. in RE2) but I wanted to keep the Custom Magnum still useful (it holds more ammo and does slightly more damage, but requires assembly). The Magnum Rounds icon is to signify that the Raging Bull uses Magnum Rounds cards (and ammo dial) as its ammo type.

The Chainsaw is my personal take on the classic zombie-killing weapon. I was inspired by the idea some RE2:TB players have mentioned of adding Ash Williams (Evil Dead) and Juliet Starling (Lollipop Chainsaw) as playable characters, though my version here is just a “normal” chainsaw. Yes, the damage is high, and you can indeed use the “Blast” special ability to slice through several zombies in one adjacent space! However, remember that it is limited to range 1, is Cumbersome (counts as 2 items) and uses the Special Ammo rule meaning that it can run out of fuel and cannot be reloaded if you do (admittedly, I use a house rule in place of the Special Ammo rule, but either way it’s a big limitation).

Please feel free to leave feedback on these! The template took me ages to make, as there are no really decent card scans available that I could find, and the quality of the “best” I could do made matching things like symbols a pain.

I’ve also included card backs (for A, B and S versions), but I’ve not tried printing these so can’t vouch for how closely they match the original cards. To be honest, I’m not too sure how one would print these and make them impossible to detect in a real deck; sleeving them with custom-backed sleeves would probably be the only way (i.e. printing backs for all the cards – custom and original – and sleeving everything like that).

Eventually, I will also make a PDF version of these for easier reference and printing.

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