Resident Evil 2: New Doors, Locks and Keys

More new homebrew cards for Resident Evil 2: The Boardgame!

The Lighter is a classic Resident Evil item, reintroduced here. It can be used to unlock a corresponding Locked: Lighter door card (also included here) like any other “key” item (presume the door is tied shut with rope or plant vines). However, the Lighter item also has a special rule that allows you to use it (by spending one action) on a square marked “Flame”. This is for custom scenarios where you may indicate one or more “Flame” squares on your map where the players can use a Lighter to gain an item. For example, you could have a “Flame” square that – when burned – gives the player some ammo, tells them to draw a random A or B item card, or gives them a necessary key scenario item such as the Diamond Key or Red Jewel.

The Remote Bomb is a “combined” version of the Detonator and C4 Explosive cards, letting you reduce your item count when carrying both. For simplicity of gameplay, the corresponding Locked: Damaged Wall card is treated like any other locked door, though feel free to use a 3rd party token or 3D marker for them rather than the vanilla doors if you prefer. You can print just one Damaged Wall door and use the Remote Bomb as just another “key” item to progress in a scenario, or you could be tricky when designing your custom scenario and include two Damaged Wall doors but only one Detonator & C4, forcing the players to choose which – if any – wall to blow up. Do note (the cards even remind you) that once a Damaged Wall door is unlocked, it cannot ever be closed again, meaning the two tiles on either side are now permanently linked.

The Locked: Eagle Medal & Wolf Medal card means that a character needs both the Eagle Medal and Wolf Medal items in their inventory to unlock this door; discarding both counts as one action for this purpose.

The Locked: Red Jewel card allows you to place a locked door that requires the Red Jewel item to unlock it. The Locked: Red Jewels x2 card requires a character to have two Red Jewel cards in their inventory to unlock that door; discarding both Red Jewels for this purpose only costs one action.

The Breaker cards work the same as in official Scenario 13B. It bugged me that there wasn’t a specific “Master Key & Breaker” card, so I made one… then decided to make a few more Breaker-related cards for custom scenario use. The one simply marked “Breaker” only requires the power be turned on, while the others require power and the specific key as well.

You can use my custom Breaker Token above (print double-sided) for scenario 13B (and other custom scenarios) that use breaker/powered doors. Simply flip the token (symbol side up) when a character spends one action on that space to indicate power has been restored.

Other uses could be to design a custom scenario that features multiple breakers that must all be activated (and that flip back to “off” if not all switched within a certain time), akin to the Drain Deimos section of the RE3make video game. Alternatively, you could use two tokens in a custom scenario that requires two separated players to switch two different Breakers.

Card backs for printing the item cards can be found in my previous post here.

Note: unlike the vanilla cards, I prefer to word my cards more ambiguously so they are not tied to a single scenario (i.e. “Use on the square marked “Objective” to resolve the special text for the current scenario” vs “Use on the square marked “Objective” to receive the Diamond Key”).

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