Lego Heroica: Item Cards

Heroica uses actual Lego pieces to track the items, potions and relics that players use in the game, however the rules must still be consulted to see what each item or relic does.

As I did with weapons, I’ve made some custom cards for use as quick reference during play.


Designer Notes:

The numbers beside the Gold Piece icon show how much that weapon costs (left side) and how much it can be re-sold for (right side).

The “default” cards are for the items that are included with the official Lego Heroica sets. The “new” cards are for homebrew items that I created myself, while the “variant” cards are for original items that I use a different house rule with.

My homebrew Bomb and Cracked Wall item and hazzard will be described in a future post.


Custom Item Cards (Default):


Custom Item Cards (New):


Custom Item Cards (Variant):

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