Lego Heroica: Weapon Cards

Heroica uses tiny Lego pieces to track the weapons players use in the game, however the rules must still be consulted to see what that weapon actually does!

I have the following custom cards for use as an easy (and pretty) reference during play, when a player needs to check what a weapon they own does… or if a new weapon is worth buying or not!


Designer Notes:

The numbers beside the Gold Piece icon show how much that weapon costs (left side) and how much it can be re-sold for (right side).

The Sabre and Magic Book are weapons featured in the Ilrion set – carried by the new Prince and Sage heroes – that don’t have corresponding Lego pieces to represent them. I created “standalone” versions of them for these cards so that they can be purchased by other Heroes (as with all the original weapons, the purchasable versions are slightly weaker than the ones that the Prince and Sage start with).

The Spear is a completely new weapon I created from scratch. It is only seen in the hands of monsters but I wanted to make a Hero version that could be purchased and used by players.


Custom Weapon Cards:

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