A la Carte: Chop-Chop Expansion

Note: this post will be updated as I work on this expansion; right now, it is just ideas and components.

I few years ago, I came up with an idea for a new expansion for the boardgame “A la Carte” when thinking about the areas of cooking the game didn’t really cover: preparation and chilling/freezing.

For the former, I imagined giving each player a Chopping Board, like this:


Certain dishes would require preparation (“chopping”) to one of four levels (1, 2, 3, 4) before they can be cooked;  these chopping levels representing roughly chopped (1), sliced/diced (2), minced/shredded (3) and blended/processed (4).

For dishes requiring chopping, a player would need to place them on their Chopping Board before they could put them in their pan. Each turn, they could spend one action (spoon token) to place a recipe on position “1” of their Chopping Board, or moving it to the next space on the board (1 -> 2, etc.). Once the recipe had reached the required level of chopping, it can be removed from the board and placed in the pan, where cooking begins as per the regular game.

This adds more “hectic-ness” to a player’s management, which IMO is a good thing when trying to replicate a busy commercial kitchen. The “Chop-Chop” mechanics would also allow a player to have several dishes “on the go” at once; one in the pan while another is on the chopping board, again adding more realism to the frantic pace of preparing a menu.

Obviously, new dishes using these methods would be needed or the original dishes altered, which is why this expansion is so far incomplete”, but I wanted to post the concept and components I made for people to test, think about and give feedback on.

I will work on some new recipes to use with this mechanic once I have a template I am satisfied with.


Download Links:

Chop-Chop Expansion (Chopping Board Front)

Chop-Chop Expansion (Chopping Board Back)


Note: print at 300 dpi for full size. For each player, cut out and glue front and back to thick cardboard; players should have one Chopping Board each.

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