A la Carte: Chill Out Expansion

Note: this post will be updated as I work on this expansion; right now, it is just ideas and components.

I few years ago, I came up with an idea for a new expansion for the boardgame “A la Carte” when thinking about the areas of cooking the game didn’t really cover: preparation and chilling/freezing.

For the latter, I designed a Refrigerator play mat and “Chill Tokens” below:

ChillOutFridge_Preview     ChillToken_Preview

Certain dishes would require “chilling” rather than cooking. After all, not everything that comes out of a kitchen has been in the pan or oven, right?

To reflect this, instead of putting a dish in a pan, they could put them in the Refrigerator. Every turn a dish is in the Refrigerator, a Chill token is placed on it. Different dishes require different amounts (number of tokens) of Chilling. A player may spend one action (spoon) to take a dish out of the Refrigerator or put one in.

A dish that is “over chilled” is ruined the same way a burnt one is.

As with my Chop-Chop expansion idea, new dishes using these rules would be needed or the original dishes altered, which is why this expansion is so far incomplete”, but I wanted to post the concept and components I made for people to test, think about and give feedback on.

I will work on some new recipes to use with this mechanic once I have a template I am satisfied with.


Download Links:

Chill Out Expansion (Refrigerator Mat Front)

Chill Out Expansion (Refrigerator Mat Back)

Chill Out Expansion (Chill Tokens, sized for Avery 5408 labels)


Note: print at 300 dpi for full size. Cut out and glue Refrigerator front and back to thick cardboard. Print the Chill Tokens on Avery 5408 labels and stick to card or plastic tokens; alternatively, print on cardboard and cut out.

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