HeroQuest 2021 Icon Pack for HeroScribe (v1.6)

These icons were extracted from the official Hasbro PDF files for the re-release of HeroQuest (hereafter referred to as “HQ21”), and have been converted specifically for use with HeroScribe. The icons themselves remain the copyright of Hasbro Inc. and Avalon Hill, and are only used here in a not-for-profit fan capacity. No challenge is intended for the rights to them.

To install this pack, simply copy the folder “Icons” and all subfolders into your HeroScribe directory. Also, copy either Objects_Default.xml and Objects_Default.html – OR – Objects_AIO.xml and Objects_AIO.html, depending on whether you are using the basic version of HeroScribe or have installed the “All-in-One” pack.

Note that if you have customised your HeroScribe install with a mix of new icons, you will need to edit your Objects.xml and Objects.html files manually, copying and pasting from the versions in this pack. Unless you are comfortable with this, I strongly recommend simply creating a new install of HeroScribe for use with this pack.

All icons are available in the original colours seen in the official HQ21 quest maps, but I have also included alternate versions of the monster and hero icons that match the old 1980’s quest map style (both European and American) for those that want to use the new monsters in classic maps.

I have tried to keep the sizes the same as in the official maps. The only change I made was to resize the “cupboard” icon slightly so it is now the same size as the “bookcase” icon (previously, it was smaller for some reason).

I have also included the icons in their raw, unscaled “SVG” format, should you wish to recolour them, convert them to another format (such as png) or use them in different graphics program.

This is only the first version of this pack. Although all furniture, hero and monsters from the basic set are included, I hope to be able to update it with icons from the expansions, providing Hasbro release PDF versions of those quest books too.

Currently, the main thing missing from this pack is a board layout that accurately matches the HQ21 map version. I have had issues trying to edit board files in HeroScribe but hopefully will be able to solve this for a future release. At worst, I am thinking I will include a board “tile” that would allow the irregular shaped room walls the re-release maps use as opposed to the standard grid anyway. I have included the board in SVG format though, for those that want to try to use it in another program.

Regardless, I hope folks find this pack useful! This took a surprising amount of work, so please consider giving credit if you use them in any major way. Of course, the icons remain the copyright of Hasbro Inc. I just did the conversion work.

HeroScribe HQ21 Icon Pack (v1.6) [via Mediafire]
HeroScribe HQ21 Icon Pack (v1.6) [via Dropbox]

HeroScribe can be downloaded from:

v1.0 – First release.
v1.1 – Added board SVG .
v1.2 – Fixed hero SVG image sizes to match monsters and furniture.
– Fixed door SVG rotation.
– Added icons and SVG images for entrance/exit doors, letter, number, rectangle and arrow map markers.
v1.3 – Changed icon folders for better organization and future upgrade compatibility.
v1.4 – Fixed bug when trying to load non-existant HQ21 board (removed since not working yet).
v1.5 – Added official HQ21 Kellar’s Keep icons.
– Fixed Door In/Out/In-Out arrows to be the correct colour (was the wrong shade of red).
– Changed zorder for Cliff Corridor and all Stairs (original and HQ21 versions) for better map layering.
v1.6 – Added official HQ21 Return of the Witch Lord icons.
– Fixed both the SVG and HeroScribe icon versions of the ROTWL Coffin (the original had missing white sections the artists had forgotten to fill in).
– Created an alternate recolor of Death Mist icon (to match other enemy icon color) and alternate Coffin with Trap icon (shaded like other traps).
– Not yet added: the “Fog” pattern used to mark the tiles a Death Mist can move through (planned to be added in a future update but proved difficult to convert).

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