LEGO Battle Of Hoth: Official Rules

LEGO’s buildable boardgame Star Wars: Battle of Hoth suffered a limited release (no US sales, hard to find, poor advertising) and thus went barely noticed in much of the world despite being a great game with a fun theme. Making it even harder to play was the fact that unlike their Heroica line, LEGO never made the rules to Battle of Hoth available online in PDF format.

After much fruitless searching, I eventually scanned my own copy to use (as I find digital rulebooks much easier to use – and less likely to get damaged – than physical paper ones). I’ve never posted these scans publicly before, but since the game is now long out of print and quite expensive on the secondary market, I felt it would be okay to share them now so that those who’ve lost them or acquired an incomplete set can play.

A few weeks ago, I actually found another set of images of the rules online here; these were the complete rulebook (i.e. in multiple languages) but the quality was quite low. I have converted these images into a pdf and am posting it here along with my own scanned (English only) rulebook so that those who would prefer to have the rules in their native language – regardless of quality – can download them too.

Finally, I’ve also uploaded the official build instructions for the set.

Enjoy… and may the Force be with you. Always.


Download Links:

Battle of Hoth Boardgame Building Instructions (PDF)

Battle of Hoth Boardgame Rules (English, PDF)

Battle of Hoth Boardgame Rules (English, raw scans)

Battle of Hoth Boardgame Rules (Multilingual, low res, PDF)


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