Alien TRPG: New Weapons

Free League’s Alien: The Roleplaying Game (hereafter referred to as Alien TRPG) is a fantastic RPG that really captures the spirit and terror of the Alien movies (Alien, Aliens, Prometheus, etc.).

However, it primarily deals with aspects of the films, despite a few fun references to other Alien fiction, such as the comics and novels published by Dark Horse. Because of this, there are many “missing” weapons, creatures, vehicles and locations for long-time Alien fans! I’ve taken it upon myself to recreate some of these “missing” things, starting with the most glaring weapon omissions…

The following are my own rough stats for some new weapons. These are all taken from “official” Alien sources; the films themselves (Hand Axe, M40 Grenade), video games (M39 SMG) or Dark Horse comics/novels (Synapse Scrambler, Wilton Tangler).

I am very slowly working on an “Aliens: Dark Horse Comics” sourcebook, but wanted to post these basic stats for now, since they are “needed” to plug the missing gaps in weaponry in some cases (especially when converting Mothership – an awesome RPG I’d highly recommend – adventures to the Alien TRPG system).

New Weapons

Name Bonus Damage Range Weight Cost Comment
Hand Axe 2 Engaged 1/2 $40 Fragile, Armor Doubled
Fire Axe -1 3 Engaged 1 $50 Fragile
W-Y 88 Mod 4 Combat Pistol +1 1 Medium 1/2 $300 Full Auto
MedTech Synapse Scrambler +1 Stun Short 1/2 $250 Stun Effect (-2), Power Supply 3
Watatsumi Emergency Flare Pistol 2 Long 1/2 $100 Light Source, Single Shot, Fire Intensity 5
Armat M39 Submachinegun 1 Medium 1 $450 Full Auto
Armat M40 HEDP Grenade Blast 9 Medium 1/2 $60 Thrown, Launchable, Single Use
W-Y 37F Signal Flare 2 Medium 1/2 $10 Light Source, Thrown, Single Use, Fire Intensity 5
Wilton Tangler +2 Snare Short 1 $500 Single Shot

Hand Axe: A simple, lightweight metal hatchet designed for use as an emergency tool.

Fire Axe: A long-handled, heavy-headed axe for chopping things. Not much use against metal but will make a mess of flesh and bone if swung with sufficient force. Be careful it doesn’t get stuck in the target, though!

W-Y 88 Mod 4 Combat Pistol: A compact 9mm automatic pistol popular with corporate security forces as well as many Colonial Marines, some of whom prefer it over the more powerful but less versatile M4A3. Featuring an 18-round removable magazine and a the ability to switch between single shot and fully automatic fire, the 88 Mod 4 sacrifices stopping power for capacity and rate of fire.

MedTech Synapse Scrambler: This pistol fires an energy beam that causes severe mental disorientation, balance destabilization and motor skill reduction. The effect should be treated as a Stun Effect (see page 127 of the rulebook). Only works against human and animal targets (Synths and alien life forms like Xenomorphs will be unaffected). After each attack, you need to make a Power Supply roll. The removable battery cartridge has a Power Supply of 3 when fully charged.

Watatsumi Emergency Flare Pistol: This break-open handgun is designed to launch a 30mm parachute signal flare (such as the M72A Starshell) in order to attract attention or illuminate an area. Once launched into the air, a parachute flare will gently float above the firer, removing the effect of darkness in the zone directly below it for a duration of 1 Turn. Such flares can be seen at a distance of up to 10km away. If used as a makeshift weapon, a flare round fired at a combustible target will set it alight (Fire Intensity 5) as well as inflicting the initial damage. Being single shot, Flare Pistols must be reloaded every time they are fired. Alternatively, 30mm Starshell type flares can also be loaded into and fired from multi-round grenade launchers, like the Armat U1.

Armat M39 Submachinegun: The primary submachinegun of the Colonial Marines and W-Y corporate security. This weapon’s low powered rounds make it well-suited to use in urban situations and aboard starships, where penetration and collateral damage is undesirable. However, the M39 is ineffective against armored targets and suffers from significant recoil. Features iron sights, a removable 48-round box magazine and a retractable stock.

Armat M40 HEDP Grenade: The standard grenade of the Colonial Marines, this High Explosive Dual Purpose grenade is designed to be fired from a 30mm launcher (such as the Armat U1). However, it can also be primed and thrown by hand.

Weyland-Yutani 37F Signal Flare: A tubular-shaped emergency flare that can be used to mark an area or signal for distress. Once activated, the flare burns for 1 Turn with an intense light and heat that can be seen up to 5 kilometers away. Touching the burning end of a flare inflicts 2 damage. Cost listed is per flare, but they are typically sold in boxes of five. Smaller flares such as the M94 Marking Flares used by the Colonial Marines, are also available; these have half the visual range of larger flares, cost half as much each, do only 1 damage if touched and burn with Fire Intensity 3.

Wilton Tangler: A non-lethal weapon designed to ensnare and subdue a target without causing permanent harm. Tanglers fire “bolts” with cores of sticky grey plastic which expand rapidly into a sheet-like shape in flight, wrapping itself around the target on contact. A person hit by an expanded tangler bolt will find themselves inextricably caught in a sticky mess that contracts around them and holds them tight. Movement quickly becomes impossible. Expanded tangler bolts must be dissolved with a special solvent ($30 a can, 4 uses per can) to free someone who has been ensnared in such a manner.

New Weapon/Gear Abilities

  • Fragile: if you roll two or more 1’s (“Facehuggers”) on your Stress Dice when attacking with this weapon, the weapon breaks. Repairing a broken weapon requires a Heavy Machinery roll (and the appropriate tools), and takes one full Shift.
  • Launchable: this weapon can be fired from a grenade launcher (such as the Armat U1); when this is the case, substitute the launcher’s Range stat for the listed one.
  • Light Source: removes the effect of darkness in a zone.
  • Single Use: this weapon is good for only one use; it is consumed/destroyed once used.
  • Snare: this weapon is designed to ensnare and disable rather than harm. A successfully hit target is entangled and cannot move or perform any actions until freed. Someone attempting to free a Snared victim must make a Strength roll (counts as a slow action) to do so and use the appropriate tools. For example: bolos or a lasso can be untangled by hand, while a net will require a blade or cutting torch to cut through (depending on what it is made of), and a “tangler” fires a sticky plastic goo that requires a solvent to remove.
  • Thrown: this weapon must be thrown at the target; Range given is for thrown distance.


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