Sky Beyond the Darkness: Weapons and Healing Items

Some example weapons and healing item stats I created for Sky Beyond the Darkness, for use with my homebrew combat and injury rules.


HIT = add/subtract this from your rolls to hit someone.
INJ = add/subtract this from rolls on the Injury Table when hit by this weapon.
CAP = maximum ammunition capacity; how many attacks you can make with this weapon before reloading.
AMMO = type of ammunition the weapon uses.
NOTE = special notes about this weapon.

For simplicity’s sake, ammo types are “generic types” rather than specific calibres, but feel free to substitute greater firearm detail if you desire that level of realism.

Knife (or shiv): HIT 0, INJ 0.

Club (baseball bat, pipe, 2×4, etc.): HIT +1, INJ 0.

Machete/Sword/Hatchet: HIT 0, INJ -1.

Axe/Sledgehammer: HIT -1, INJ -2.

Pistol: HIT 0, INJ 0, CAP 12, AMMO Handgun Bullets.

Revolver: HIT 0, INJ -1, CAP 6, AMMO Handgun Bullets.

Submachinegun: HIT 1, INJ 0, CAP 20, AMMO Handgun Bullets, NOTE Fires 4 bullets per attack.

Shotgun: HIT 1, INJ -1, CAP 6, AMMO Shotgun Shells.

Sawn-Off: HIT 2, INJ -2, CAP 2, AMMO Shotgun Shells.

Hunting Rifle: HIT 2, INJ -2, CAP 6, AMMO Rifle Bullets, NOTE +3 to hit if ambushing.

Assault Rifle: HIT 2, INJ -1, CAP 30, AMMO Rifle Bullets, NOTE Fires 3 bullets per attack.

Machinegun:  HIT 1, INJ -1, CAP 10, AMMO Rifle Bullets, NOTE Fires 6 bullets per attack.

 Flamethrower: HIT -3, INJ -2, CAP 8, AMMO Gasoline.

Grenade/Bomb/Molotov: HIT -1, INJ -1, NOTE Use Vigor to attack since thrown.

Bow/Crossbow: HIT 0, INJ 0, CAP 1, AMMO Arrows (roll 1D6 to recover arrow after firing; even roll = it can be reused)

Healing Items

Dressings or Painkillers (or other relevant medications): worth 1 Resilience point when healing.

First Aid Kit: worth 2 Resilience points when healing.

Field Medic Kit: worth 3 Resilience points when healing.

Access to hospital surgery or physician’s office: worth 4 Resilience points when healing.

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