Sky Beyond the Darkness: Hunger and Sleep Rules

I added the following homebrew rules to my last solo playthrough of Sky Beyond the Darkness and really liked how it increased the feel of “survival” and limited resources. It also let me regain lost Resilience (allowing me to survive longer) and made food items have an actual game effect where they previously didn’t (so finding them while searching felt much more rewarding). The need for food also encourages me to search more often (thus risking making noise and attracting unwanted attention).

For better control over game time flow, I divided each day into four Time Periods: Morning, Afternoon, Evening and Night. For each Time Period of every day, roll 1D6 to see if an Event occurs.

    Time is…                          Event on roll of…
    Morning                          5-6
    Afternoon                       4-6
    Evening                            5-6
    Night                                   6

If an Event occurs, roll on the Encounter Table (as per the core rules).

If no Event occurs, you can pick an Activity for that Time Period from the list below:
– Eat a meal (if you have food)
– Sleep
– Search your current location (roll up to 3 times on the Search Table in the official rules)
– Move to a new location

Eating and sleeping allows you to regain Resilience, while failing to eat or rest causes you to lose Resilience.

If you do not eat for a whole day, you lose 1 Resilience at the start of the next day. If you eat at least one meal (or two snacks), you lose no Resilience. If you eat two or more meals, you gain 1 Resilience at the start of the next day.

If you do not spend at least one Time Period in a day sleeping, you lose 1 Resilience at the start of the next day.

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