Sky Beyond the Darkness: “City Hunter” Mode

In the core Sky Beyond the Darkness solo game, the goal is to survive a certain number of Events and escape the city. “City Hunter” is an alternative homebrew game mode I came up with in the same setting, where you are not trying to leave the city but rather searching it for someone or something.

What Are Your Searching For?

Before starting play, roll 1D6 to find your goal to “win” (i.e. finish the adventure):

1 = You were beaten and left for dead (start Moderately Injured). You must recover and then find the 1D6 people responsible. 2 = Someone you loved was killed. Now you must track down and kill the 1D6 people responsible.

3 = Someone you love has been kidnapped. You must find 1D6 Clues in order to find their location and try to rescue them. 4 = Something valuable of yours was stolen. Decide what it was. You must find 1D6 Clues to track down the item… and the thief.

5 = Someone has hired you to find something of value to them. Roll on the Search Table to find out what it is. If it is a common item (food, painkillers, etc.), they want you to find 1D20+5 of those items. 6 = Someone has hired you to find someone they care about. Roll again: 1-4 they are missing; 5-6 they have been kidnapped. Regardless, it will take 1D6 Clues to find their whereabouts.

Finding Your Target(s)

When you are searching for a person or stolen valuables, whenever an Event occurs, roll 1D6. On a roll of 6, someone involved in the Event is important to your quest in a relevant way.

Example #1: You are looking for 3 people who tried to kill you and roll “Someone asks you to rob a passerby” then either the person who asks you or the person they want to rob is one of the 3 people you are looking for!

Example #2: You are trying to find 4 clues to the location of a kidnapped loved one and roll “ You find a seriously injured person“. This injured person provides 1 Clue.

The Final Clue

When looking for Clues, the last Clue you find is actually the location of person you are searching for.

Example #1: You are trying to find a stolen valuable possession and roll “ You find a person trapped in a collapsed hiding place“. This person will have your possession and is likely the thief that stole it.

Vengeance is Yours

When looking for killers to avenge yourself or a loved one, it is up to you what you do once you find them. Killing them will cost Nature as normal, but will also reward you with 1 bonus Resilience. Whether you spare them or not, they are still “crossed off your list”.

Just Rewards

When hired to find a person or items, completing the job earns you the reward of your pick of any three items off the Search Tables.

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