Resident Evil 2: Master of Unlocking

Welcome to another homebrew card set for Resident Evil 2: The Boardgame!

In the vanilla game, the Lockpick item is just another “key” in gameplay terms, unlocking doors locked with the Lockpick. However, this item was much more interesting in most Resident Evil video games it appeared in (including RE2) in that it could be used multiple times to obtain optional items, while the second player – without a lockpick – had to rely on single-use “Small Key” items to obtain their optional items.

To recreate this for custom scenarios in RE2:TB, I’ve made a revised version of the Lockpick item card, as well as a new Small Key item card (I’d suggest printing at least three of those) and a corresponding Locked: Simple Lock door card that can be opened by both the Small Key and Lockpick items.

To simulate finding items in desk drawers as with the original RE2 (or in padlocked lockers, as in RE3make), I’ve also made some custom “Locked Item” tokens. Print a few of these with the regular Item A or Item B token images on the backs.

The idea is that your custom scenario might contain one or more Locked Item tokens in place of a regular Item A/B tokens. Unlike normal Item A/B tokens, a Locked Item token cannot be taken by a character until it has been flipped over to the “Item” side. How do you “flip” them? Easy: either spend an action in the same square if you have the Lockpick item, or discard a Small Key item if not.

This way, you can decide if you want to use Small Keys (one use each), the Lockpick (reusable) or both when designing a custom scenario with Locked Items or Simple Lock doors.

Note: when placing Locked Item tokens while designing a custom scenario, it’s up to you whether you want to know ahead of time if each token is an “A” or “B” item on the reverse side, though it is advisable to plan this out in advance, otherwise you might accidentally render a scenario unwinnable by “locking” the very item (e.g. the Lockpick) inside a Locked Item token!

Card backs for printing the item cards can be found in this post here.

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