RECON: New MOS – Rifleman

Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) serves as “character classes” for Revised RECON. A wide range are available, such as the Sniper, the Grenadier and Medic, but it seemed strange to me that the most fundamental and common MOS is a glaring omission: the Rifleman. This MOS is the standard “grunt”, the backbone of the military; a soldier, a rifle and the training to use it as part of a team. The US Marine Corps is famous for stating “every Marine is a rifleman” but that doesn’t mean literally every Stateside Marine (or Army) soldier has the Infantry Rifleman MOS, it just means they are all trained to defend themselves and others if needed, no matter their MOS.

Below is my attempt at a Rifleman MOS, one that should be widely available to all player characters and common among their NPC fellow soldiers in Nam, especially outside of special forces teams.


MOS: Rifleman

The backbone of the military, the Rifleman is the “grunt” of any armed ground force.

Why I Love Being A Rifleman:
“Bread and butter, that’s me. I’ve got my rifle, what more do I need? Infantry have been winning wars long before fancy radios, helicopters and bomber jets. All that high-tech stuff only adds more points of failure. Why complicate things? My rifle and I, there’s nothing we can’t achieve together.”

Small Arms: 3
Heavy Arms: 1
Hand to Hand: 2
Non-Weapon Skills: 4

Exclusive Skills:

All Riflemen receive the standard Basic Infantry Training skill package. They also get an additional grade (+5%) each in any two rifle-based weapon skills of their choice (Assault Rifle, Semi-Auto Rifle or Bolt-Action Rifle).



Standard Equipment:
Riflemen are typically issued a standard combat load: a rifle, a backup weapon (usually a pistol), knife/bayonet, several types of hand grenades, a first aid pouch, web gear and helmet. Depending on their branch of service (and the time period), they may also be issued a flak vest.


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