Alien TRPG: Heliades/Magellan-class Vessels

After discovering that the official adventure module “Chariots of the Gods” was missing game stats for all three included ships – the Cronus, Montero and Sotillo – , I set about attempting to homebrew them.

The Montero is a slightly newer model of the classic Nostromo design, and the Sotillo is listed as a “Hawker Systems V-10C Mantis-class resupply ship” with almost no other details… but my focus was on the Cronus, since it is a modern version of the Prometheus yet *neither* ship type has stats in the module or core book!

Therefore, here is my attempt at a “stock” Heliades-class (based on the Cronus and Prometheus) vessel, as well as stats for it’s current/modern counterpart, the Magellan-class (as mentioned in the module’s description of the Cronus).


Magellan-Class Heavy Exploration/Prospecting Vessel

  • Class: H
  • Manufacturer: Weyland-Yutani
  • Cost: $50 million
  • Crew: 8
  • AI: MU/TH/UR 7000
  • Length: 130m
  • FTL Rating: 6
  • Signature: +1
  • Thrusters: +1
  • Hull: 7
  • Armor Rating: 6
  • Armaments: None
  • Internal Modules:
    • Artificial Intelligence I
    • Air Scrubbers II
    • Cargo Bay II x2
    • Cryo Deck II
    • EEV I x8
    • EEV III x1 (or alternative size III module)
    • Galley II
    • Medlab II
    • Science Lab III
    • Vehicle Bay IV
  • Upgrades:
    • Planetfall Capacity


Heliades-Class Heavy Exploration/Prospecting Vessel

Obsolete by the time of the default Alien: The Roleplaying Game time period, this is the original version of the Magellan-class and the class of the Prometheus (from the movie of the same name). It has the same stats as above, except for the following changes…

  • Cost: $20-40 million (second-hand only, depending on condition)
  • AI: MU/TH/UR 2000
  • FTL Rating: 60


Designer Notes

While the FTL Rating for the old Heliades-class is very high (remember that the Prometheus took two years for its journey in the movie!), official descriptions of the Magellan-class being so similar in appearance makes me to think that it would mostly be the same as the Heliades-class except with the engines and computer systems upgraded to “current” standards.

The Armor Rating is actually mentioned in the ‘Chariots of the Gods’ adventure (in a sidebar about decompression), but the Hull, Signature and Thrusters are all just my guesswork based on the Prometheus’ performance in the film (i.e. it seems flimsier than the Nostromo from ‘Alien’ but faster). FLT and cost for the new Magellan-class was picked purely for balance, in order to fit this ship between the Corvus and Bison as befits its size and role. After all, you would expect an exploration/prospecting vessel to have a good FLT drive (at least better than a stock freighter) but also be a more expensive purchase.

One issue that I struggled with was that the Cronus has a “Corporate Suite” on its map; I left it out of the stock model but can add it back if people think it should be a standard feature?

Regardless, IMO, the Magellan-class would nicely fill the role of the (otherwise missing from the core book) “science/exploration vessel” amid the cargo haulers, transports and military ships.


Thanks to kamsage for the helpful feedback on Reddit (here), where this was originally posted.

USCS Prometheus 1


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