Alien TRPG: Advanced SE Suit

I’m not a particular fan of the movies “Prometheus” and “Covenant”, at least as parts of the Alien franchise/universe, mostly due to their handling of the Xenomorph itself and how the technology seen seems to be more advanced than that seen in “Alien” (which is set *after* those movies). However, the “Alien: The Roleplaying Game” from Free League makes use of a lot of content from those movies, using it to fill in some useful gaps.

In the same spirit, I decided to “stat” the sleek environment suits worn by the crew of the Prometheus when they go planet-side…


Weyland Advanced SE Suit

Suit Armor Rating Air Supply Weight Cost Comment
Weyland Advanced SE Suit 2 (4 with armour) 3 1 $1,200 ($2,000 with armour) Air Supply 3, Built-In Comm Unit, Survival +2

Originally designed by Weyland Corp (now Weyland-Yutani), this now-aging hostile environment suit is still used in exploration across the frontier. The large, reinforced helmet provides a 320-degree vision and features information display of the wearer’s vital statistics and external environmental conditions. A cadmium exoskeleton provides stability when traversing rough terrain. Optionally, iridium-coated laser-resistant light armor segments (covering the chest, forearm, thighs, knees and calves) can be added for use in high-risk situations.

The light armour option adds +$800 to the cost and +2 to Armour Rating.

Note that while the Advanced SE Suit is sealed with its own air supply, it is not pressurized, so cannot be used to operate in a full vacuum.


Image Gallery

Prometheus Suit Inner 1
Advanced SE Suit, without armour
Prometheus Suit Inner 2
Advanced SE Suit, without armour (rear view)
Prometheus Suit Inner 3
Relaxing in the form-fitting Advanced SE Suit
Prometheus Suit Outer 1
The full Advanced SE Suit with all armour segments added
Prometheus Suit Outer 2
Fully armoured Advanced SE Suits in field use


The original costuming intention (see here) was likely that the “full” versions of the suit are what is normally worn, while the orange-piped “inner” suits worn later in the movie are just what’s worn underneath. I took a degree of artistic license, however, in portraying the inner suits as providing equal environmental protection (since the Prometheus crew happily strut around in those only, with their helmets still on) while the full “outer suits” are the “armoured” versions; this matches the wiki description of “optional armour”, too. Note though that during the movie, segments of armour plating are worn by characters wearing both the “inner” and “outer” suits, meaning it must be modular.

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