Lego Heroica: Sands of Kemet

Unlike my other unofficial expansions for Heroica I post here, this one is not by me. It was originally created by Andrew Borntreger, posted on MOC here. Andrew didn’t include any build instructions or rules, just photos of his amazing design work, so I had to construct it (in Lego Digital Designer) from scratch going by the images alone. A lot of work, especially the “sphinx” statue but the result looks very close to the original, so I’m happy. The rules below are my own interpretation of how Andrew’s original Quest might play. I envisioned it as a large four-Hero set equal to Castle Fortaan, perhaps the “main set” of a second or third Heroica product wave if there had been one…



Heroica - Kemet


Deep in the desert of Kemet, the evil Mummy Pharaoh commands the sand itself!

Sent by his wicked magic, swirling sandstorms now threaten the kingdom of Ennon. Can a band of heroes defeat the Pharaoh and remove the source of his immortality to prevent him from rising once more?



  • Wizard
  • Barbarian
  • Ranger
  • Rogue


  • x5 Giant Scorpions (Strength 1)
  • x5 Mummies (Strength 2)
  • x1 Mummy Pharaoh (Strength 3)


  • x1 Life Potion
  • x1 Speed Potion
  • x1 Defence Potion
  • x2 Chests
  • x1 Crown of Eternity (relic)


  • x3 Blade Traps


Blade Trap:

Heroica - Blade Trap

These traps are triggered when a Hero steps on the pressure plates, causing a deadly blade to swing down at them as they pass!

Whenever a Hero tries to move through a Blade Trap, roll the Lego Dice again to see what happens:

  • Shield = Pass through the Trap to the first available space on the other side.
  • Sword = Move one space back away from the Trap.
  • Skull = Move one space back away from the Trap and lose 1 Health.


Lego_One_RingCrown of Eternity:

The Crown of Eternity is a powerful relic. It may be kept between missions or sold for 2 Gold Pieces. If you are defeated, after rolling the first time to restore your Health, you may choose to resume playing even if you are not yet at full Health. If you sell the Crown, put it back in the box.



Map #1

Heroica - Kemet (Build A)

Goal: Defeat the Pharaoh and claim the Crown of Eternity!


Designer Notes:

Andrew Borntreger’s original Sands of Kemet, built with real Lego!

Andrew Borntreger’s original Sands of Kemet is probably the most professional-looking fan-designed Heroica set I’ve seen. It looks gorgeous but is something that could believably be sold by Lego as an official product.

For the Mummy and Mummy Pharaoh monsters, use the Mummy and Ramses microfigures from the 2009 Lego “Ramses Pyramid” boardgame (another Ramses was available in the 2011 “Ramses Return” game, but no mummies).

The Scorpions (use black ones) are fairly common Lego animals available in quite a few sets.

For the “Crown of Eternity” relic, use a chrome gold “One Ring” piece (from the Lord of the Rings sets); it fits perfectly on a microfigure’s head! If you can’t find one, a pearl gold stud will suffice.


Image Gallery:


Download Links:

LDD Digital Files (.lxf)


Feel free to suggest/send alternate Quest layouts for this set!

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