Lego Heroica: Duresh Farm

I envisioned this as another “introductory” two-Hero set similar to the official Draida, with lighter rules for beginners (but still playable with the “full” rules) and a lower price point and piece count…



Heroica - Duresh


Something is destroying the crops at Duresh Farm, and the heroes have been called in to solve the mystery.

With spiders in the farmhouse, rats in the corn fields and a werewolf prowling the river, can the farm be saved in time?



  • Ranger
  • Druid


  • x3 Spiders (Strength 1)
  • x3 Rats (Strength 1)
  • x1 Werewolf (Strength 2)


  • x1 Life Potion
  • x1 Strength Potion
  • x1 Skill Potion (see here)


Map #1

Heroica - Duresh (Build A)

Goal: Defeat the Werewolf!


Map #2

Heroica - Duresh (Build B)

Goal: Defeat the Werewolf!


Designer Notes:

Because this is designed to mimic the “introductory” set concept like Draida, the Hero Packs included here are the “simple” ones as found in that set rather than the full-size ones used in other sets. Also, there are no weapons, Gold Pieces or Shop (as with Draida). Of course, this set can easily be played using the full rules by just adding gold pieces to the map, using full-size Hero Packs and allowing normal use of the Shop.

The Spiders and Werewolf monsters can be found in the official Waldurk set.

For Rats, use the standing upright “Scabbers” rat included in some fantasy and Harry Potter sets.

The farmhouse tiles could be incorporated easily into Fortaan as extra castle rooms if you wish.

I really like how the well and corn field crops sections turned out!


Image Gallery:

Download Links:

LDD Digital Files (.lxf)


Feel free to suggest/send alternate Quest layouts for this set!

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