Lego Heroica: TileSystem Pack

I already wrote about Lego’s awesome brick-built boardgame Heroica here.

Given that it is a construct-a-board “tile” based style of game, one can design their own maps easily for limitless adventures. The software TileSystem is designed for making designing such maps/board layouts fast and easy, and is used by players of many games like Space Hulk, Doom and Descent.

Almost all TileSystem tile packs are fan-made, though, and there are none for Heroica. I decided to make one!

Because Heroica uses real Lego bricks rather than cardboard tiles, however, there was nothing to scan to make this tileset. My choice was either to use photos of the Lego itself, or draw them as artwork from scratch. I chose the latter.

The graphics used for this pack are all 100% my own, created as “pixel art” from scratch. I am no great artist, so the art is very basic and not very good, but I do feel that the simplistic and cartoonish style fits with Lego’s own style and “feel”. I may make a 3D rendered version at some point too, but when I tried that originally I found that it was hard to make out the pieces, whereas pixel art let me be clearer on which pieces of the board were which at a quick glance.

Included in this pack are tiles for all the official Heroica sets: Fortaan, Draida, Nathuz, Waldurk, Ilrion and Ganrash (the limited-release polybag promo set). You can make any map possible with the real pieces using these, either using the sets independently or combining several (or all!) together. Also included are icons to represent treasure, monsters, hazards (e.g. fallen rocks) and other things needed to lay out a Quest. I’ve also included icons for the heroes and their “Hero Packs”, so you can use TileSystem to record (and thus “save”) a game-in-progress before packing it away.

I even included an optional set called “Banjo” which features some icons for custom pieces I use in my own games, but that aren’t from the original Heroica sets, such as skeleton monsters (taken from the Lego Ninjago boardgame), bomb items and cracked wall hazards. When I get chance to post my house rules/fan expansions here, those will make more sense and have game stats you can use!

Below you’ll find my tile pack, as well as a download for the latest version of the TileSystem program itself, since it’s not that easy to find online anymore.


Download Links:

Lego Heroica TileSystem Pack v1.0

TileSystem 3.06 Software (no tilesets included)

2 thoughts on “Lego Heroica: TileSystem Pack

  1. Hi,
    First thanks for all your articles (especially ones about heroica), they are really interesting.
    I tried to use TileSystem with your tile sets but no luck, it seems some files are missing (for instance Heroica_Fortaan.set needs extra files like HeroicaFortaan_boards.set which should be in Tiles\Heroica folder).
    If you still have these files, I’m really interested, it will help me to design my next Heroica adventure for my childs.
    Thanks again for your work.
    Kind regards,


    1. Thanks for the feedback! Sure, I’ll take a look this weekend for any files that are missing or might cause it not to work. Glad you like what I’ve done.


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