Lego Heroica: Tomb of Skulmar

After getting the Lego Ninjago boardgame, I desperately wanted to use the skeleton microfigures with Heroica somehow…



Heroica - Skulmar


The undead walk! Mysterious magic has brought to life a skeleton army!

Do the heroes dare brave the Tomb of Skulmar to defeat the skeleton general and his bony brethren before they wreak havoc across Ennon?



  • Wizard
  • Barbarian
  • Sage


  • x3 Rats (Strength 1)
  • x4 Skeleton Warriors (Strength 2)
  • x1 Skeleton General (Strength 3)


  • x1 Life Potion
  • x1 Strength Potion
  • x1 Skill Potion (see here)
  • x2 Chests
  • x1 Sceptre of Destruction (relic)


  • x2 Magic Barriers

Magic Barriers:

Heroica - Magic Barrier

Magic Barriers are dangerous fields of mystical energy. A Hero may pass through a Magic Barrier but must lose 1 Health to do so.


Statue Trap:

Heroica - Graveyard Statue Trap

The twin statues with purple studs between them are a trap, waiting to zap Heroes who pass between them!

Whenever a Hero passes between the statues, roll the Lego Dice again to see what happens:

  • Shield = Pass through the statues to the first available space on the other side.
  • Sword = Pass through the statues to the first available space on the other side but lose 1 Health.
  • Skull = Pass through the statues to the first available space on the other side but lose 2 Health.

Sceptre of Destruction:

Heroica - Scepter of DestructionThe Sceptre of Destruction is a powerful relic. It may be kept between missions or sold for 2 Gold Pieces. If you roll a “Shield” at the start of your turn, you may choose to use the Sceptre of Destruction to defeat one monster up to 3 spaces away. However, doing this also causes you to lose 1 Health. If you sell the Sceptre, put it back in the box.


Map #1

Heroica - Skulmar (Build A)

Goal: Claim the Sceptre of Destruction!

Designer Notes:

The graveyard concept was inspired by the movie “Army of Darkness”.

The statue trap idea from the movie “The NeverEnding Story”.

As mentioned, use the skeleton microfigures from the Lego Ninjago boardgame for the Skeleton Warriors and Skeleton General.

For Rats, use the standing upright “Scabbers” rat included in some fantasy and Harry Potter sets.

Image Gallery:


Download Links:

LDD Digital Files (.lxf)


Feel free to suggest/send alternate Quest layouts for this set!

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