Lego Heroica: Official Rules, Quests, Instructions, Comics and Artbook

Since the Heroica games are long out of print now, and I couldn’t find them anywhere else online, I’m posting all the official rulebooks here on my blog, as well as the building instructions for each official set. These were all made available by Lego when the game was in print.

I am also posting the official Quest layout maps that came with each set; these have never been available digitally and only exist as poor quality photos of the included paper “maps”. Someday I might take better photos or create digital versions of these, but for now these images are the only way to recreate the official Quests without the physical maps.

I’ve also posted the official comics and art book. The comics were included with the official sets (part 1 with the 2011 sets and part 2 with Ilrion in 2012) and tell the simple story of Heroica; they also provide a nice way of learning how to play the game in picture form! The art book was only ever available digitally and was posted on the (now defunct) Heroica website; it is a fascinating document because it includes concept art and design ideas that never made it into the final game, suggesting a more complex and “grown up” system was originally planned.


Download Links:

Heroica Build Instructions (all sets, pdfs)

Heroica Rules (all sets, pdfs)

Heroica Official Quest Maps (all sets; photos only)

Heroica Comics (issue 1 & 2, pdfs)

The Art of Heroica (pdf)

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