Lego Heroica: LDD Conversion

Being the fan of Heroica that I am, I recreated the sets as best possible (since there are no “printed pieces” available for the microfigures) using Lego’s Digital Designer software.

The zip archives below contain lxf files for LDD. Included are lxf versions of the complete set (see preview images) as well as pre-made layouts for each of the official Quests. In a subfolder, you will find the individual board pieces as separate files.

Preview Images:


Download Links:

Draida (.lxf files)

Nathuz (.lxf files)

Waldurk (.lxf files)

Fortaan (.lxf files)

Ilrion (.lxf files)

Ganrash (.lxf files)

Sadly, LDD is no longer updated by Lego but it can still be downloaded here and is very easy and fun to use.

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