Lego Heroica: Flames of Mordark

This was the first custom Heroica “set” I ever designed…



Heroica - Mordark


The Mordark volcano is rumbling and threatens a nearby village. But this is no ordinary volcano, for deep in its heart, stirring up the fires, is the fearsome Magma Beast!

The heroes must venture into the fire caves beneath the volcano and brave the flames in order to defeat the Magma Beast and stop the eruption.



  • Wizard
  • Knight
  • Sage



  • x4 Scarabs (Strength 1)
  • x4 Dragonlings (Strength 2)
  • x1 Magma Beast (Boss)



  • x1 Life Potion
  • x1 Strength Potion
  • x1 Skill Potion (see here)
  • x3 Bombs (see here)



  • x3 Cracked Walls (see here)


Magma Beast:

The Magma Beast has its own Boss Bar, with five Health tokens on it. Heroes must fight it as per the “boss monster” rules in the official Ilrion set (see here).



Map #1

Heroica - Mordark (Build A)

Goal: Defeat the Magma Beast!


Designer Notes:

The entire map is built on a “raised” (higher than normal) design to make it feel like rocky paths surrounded by fiery lava.

The Magma Beast design is taken from the existing Lego Game “Magma Monster“.

“Scarab” monsters are built from a single-stud clip attached to a Scarab Shield from the old “Egypt” line.

Bombs and Cracked Walls were inspired by the Legend of Zelda video games and a Lego Ideas post here.


Image Gallery:


Download Links:

LDD Digital Files (.lxf)


Feel free to suggest/send alternate Quest layouts for this set!

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