Lego Heroica: Bombs and Cracked Walls

Taking inspiration from the Legend of Zelda video games, I added these new hazards and items to some of my custom Heroica maps…


Cracked Walls

Cracked Wall
Cracked walls are placed on spaces during setup of a Quest in a manner similar to the placement of Rocks (found in the “Caverns of Nathuz” set) except that there is no way for Heroes to move through them!

Instead, Cracked Walls must be destroyed to be bypassed, and the only way to destroy them is with Bombs.


Bomb (Item)These explosive items allow a Hero to destroy Cracked Walls. When a Hero is adjacent to a Cracked Wall they wish to destroy, they may discard one Bomb to remove the Cracked Wall from the map.

When designing a Quest that uses Cracked Walls, Bombs should be scattered around the map for players to find, with at least one per Cracked Wall available.

Bombs are items and are stored in a Hero’s Pack when picked up.


Optional Rule: Purchasable Bombs

If all players agree, Bombs can also be made available to buy from the Store for 2 Gold Pieces each.


Optional Rule: Bombs vs Monsters

If all players agree, you can allow a Hero to discard one Bomb from their Hero Pack to defeat an adjacent monster instead of attacking normally. If the monster has a Boss Bar (i.e. more than one Health), they lose 1 Health instead of being defeated.

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