Space Crusade: TileSystem Pack

TileSystem is a fantastic program designed to create maps for modular boardgames like Space Hulk or Gears of War. Several fan made (and even a few official) tile sets have been made that let you create missions, quests and maps for your favourite dungeon crawler style boardgame, but there was none available for Space Crusade. So, I decided to make one…

Space Crusade “Mission 01” map layout recreated in TileSystem.
Game in progress…

As well as the boards, walls, doors and symbols needed to create a Space Crusade “Mission” map, I’ve also included representations of all the models (miniatures), as well as blip and reinforcement tokens. This means that you can lay out an entire in-progress game if you need to “save” and pack away your set, or even send screenshots to a player while playing long-distance (PBEM, etc.).

I’ve made several tileset “variations” you can load that mix and match different expansions and unofficial additions (core set only, core set plus Mission Dreadnought, etc.). If I get chance to update this, I’ll add a few more semi-official models and blips, such as Terminators (White Dwarf article) and Space Ogres (The Voyage Beyond computer adaptation). For now, you’ll have access to everything in the official boxed releases at least.

Below you’ll find my tile pack, as well as a download for the latest version of the TileSystem program itself, since it’s not that easy to find online anymore.


Download Links:

Space Crusade TileSystem Pack v1.0

TileSystem 3.06 Software (no tilesets included)

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