A la Carte: Coffee Cup Stickers

A la Carte is a fun “cooking” game suitable for young and older players, which involves competing to complete fanciful “dishes” using 3D stoves, pans and spice shakers.

There’s a lot of tactile enjoyment to A la Carte, shaking shakers, flipping pans, adjusting stoves, and so on. Part of the game includes “coffee cups”, which are just cardboard tokens, but I thought it would be fun to replace these with plastic toy teacups or coffee cups from a cheap kid’s tea set. Note that you’ll likely need multiple sets, as you need 13 cups, +6 for the Dessert expansion and +4 for the rare German-only Side-Dish mini-expansion.

Example only; use download link!

Because each coffee cup token has a different game symbol on it, I created a sheet of labels that could be stuck on the inside of the toy coffee cups.

Below is the label sheet I made, designed to be printed on an Avery 5408 label sheet (see here) but you could also print on thick paper then cut out and glue them onto your cups if preferred.

Stickers are provided for all expansion content, so you can include those cups even if you don’t have those sets.


Download Link:

Coffee Cup Sticker Sheet (Avery 5408)


Note: print at 300 dpi for correct size.

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