Lost Valley of the Dinosaurs: CyberBoard Conversion

I already talked about the impact Waddingtons’ “Lost Valley of the Dinosaurs” boardgame had on me as a kid. I also mentioned how obscure and rare the game is compared to many others, and lamented at how this may prevent new players from discovering it.

To that end, several years ago, I created a digital CyberBoard version of the game.


CyberBoard is an early “play by email” program for Windows that lets you play a boardgame either solo, or with other players either via hotseat or by emailing (or live-chatting) your “moves”.

CyberBoard was a precursor to the more widely-known Vassal and the now-popular Tabletop Simulator. Unlike those programs, CyberBoard encourages creating all the pieces, boards, cards, etc. from scratch rather than simply scanning the originals, hence the less-than-amazing artwork you’ll find in my LVotD adaptation here!

I intend to eventually make a version of LVotD for Vassal (my preferred digital boardgame platform) though several people have already adapted it for Tabletop Simulator (here and here) for those who favour that program.

For now, I wanted to practice making a CyberBoard conversion and since nobody had made one of LVotD, I chose that as my first attempt. It’s far from perfect and the graphics are *very* basic, but it is fully playable either solo or with multiple explorer players.

Note that you will need to install CyberBoard v3.0 to play this module. Once you have, to play simply run the “CyberBoard Player” and choose the .gam file that corresponds with whatever colour explorers you want to play (orange, cream, green, brown). All tokens, pawns and cards can be freely moved, etc.

CyberBoard – having aged and had no updates in awhile – is a bit lacking in documentation but there should be folks who can help out with using the program if you need it. If you need any help with getting my LVotD module running or aren’t sure how to use it, feel free to post a comment or ask me directly.


Download Link:

Lost Valley of the Dinosaurs: CyberBoard Edition

CyberBoard v3.0 software (official site)


If you need the rules, I’ve uploaded them here.

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