Space Crusade: Obstacles and Cover

One disappointing aspect of Space Crusade compared to Hero Quest is the lack of “furniture”. The little 3D minaiture tables, bookcases and chests in Hero Quest really adds a ton of immersion but Space Crusade doesn’t use anything like this.

A White Dwarf supplement (issue #145) did include 2D cut-out tokens that could be used as “obstacles”, representing large objects such as support pillars and heavy machinery. These obstacles are placed by the Alien Player before the game begins and serve to block line of sight and movement.

I thought it would be nice to add another kind of obstacle to represent smaller furnishings, like desks or tables, that don’t block line of sight but do restrict fire and movement. Hence, the following optional rule…


Large Obstacles

Large Obstacles represent huge banks of machinery, large computer terminals, support pillars, etc.

A Large Obstacle completely blocks line of sight and cannot be moved through.


Small Obstacles

While Large Obstacles completely block line of sight and movement, Small Obstacles (control panels, tables, etc.) do not. Instead, the cost double movement to move through and provide Cover.

When a firing model has to trace their line of sight through a Small Obstacle and is one space or more away from the Obstacle, the target gains +1 to their Armour Value for that attack.

A model that is directly adjacent to Cover can fire over/past it without their target getting the same Cover bonus.

Cover does not protect a model if an attacker can achieve line of sight to them without going through the Small Obstacle.


Placing Obstacles (from White Dwarf #145)

Before a mission starts, the Alien Player can place eight Obstacle tokens on the board. They may only place these in rooms (not corridors), only one per room, and never directly adjacent to a door. A maximum of two Obstacles can be placed per board section.

The above was originally designed for use with Large Obstacles only. If you want to use Small Obstacles too, they can pick a mix of both.

When mixing Large and Small Obstacles, the Alien Player should place Obstacle tokens face down, and only flip them over to reveal the kind of Obstacle it is when a Marine Player is within line of sight of it (as per Blips).


Solo Play Note

If you are playing solo, use the following method to place Obstacles before the mission begins:

  • Shuffle available Obstacle tokens and select eight without looking at them.
  • Place two Obstacles per board section as per the solo rules for Blip placement here.
  • If a placement roll puts the Obstacle in a “forbidden” space (e.g. a corridor), re-roll.

All  eight Obstacles should be placed face down, and are only revealed with a Marine is within line of sight of it.

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