Space Crusade: Command Points

A notable part of Space Crusade is how randomly a game can swiftly turn to defeat, especially for a Marine Player. Often this is due to the draw of an Alien Event card such as Booby Trap, Auto-Defence or Lure of Chaos (that can instantly eliminate one or more Marines), or – worse – a succession of bad luck cards.

This is much more problematic when playing solo or with only one Marine Player, as the elimination of several Marines in just a few turns can quickly end the game. To balance this, I’ve created a house rule that adapts an idea by SC player Frank Clarke (suggested here).



When playing with only one Marine squad, there is a much higher chance that Alien Event cards will end the game early, as there is only one Marine player to target with every card drawn. To reduce this imbalance, you can use the following rule:

Marine Players begins every mission with 2 “Command Points” each. This represents the tactical support provided by the mothership.

The Alien Player begins each mission with a number of Command Points equal to the number of Marine Players, multiplied by 2.

At any time, a player may spend 1 Command Point to do one of the following:

  • Cancel an Alien Event card as soon as it is drawn.
  • Reroll one die, light or heavy. The new roll must be kept.


Try out this house rule the next time you’re playing solo, or 1-vs-1, to see if it helps your Marines last longer… or if it makes the Alien Player more deadly.

If you find it makes things too easy, here’s a suggestion: allow the Alien Player to spend a Command Point to cancel one Marine Order card as soon as it is played!


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