Space Crusade: Close Combat “Fix”

One of the most frequent complaints about the classic 80’s Space Crusade boardgame is how lethal hand-to-hand combat is, especially compared to ranged combat. While shooting another model requires that you roll higher than their Armour value, hand-to-hand combat simply has both models roll their Close Combat dice with the winner eliminating the loser; armour has no bearing on this at all!

This means that for the Marine Player, arming your Marines and Commander with as much Close Combat enhancing gear and weapons as possible will typically give you a much greater advantage over more ranged-focused loadouts (thus, the Blood Angels are always the “best choice” for this tactic).

Likewise, it means that for the Alien Player, even the lowliest Gretchin stands a decent chance of killing a Space Marine in Close Combat so ambushing them with these weak enemies is almost a surefire success.

My own “fix” for this issue was the following optional rule, designed to make Close Combat more balanced and realistic, while keeping within the spirit and design of the original game.



In order to make Close Combat more balanced, the following change can be made:

When rolling for Close Combat, the attacker and defender add their Amour Value to their respective dice roll totals.

Example: a Marine (2 light weapon dice, Armour 2) battles an Ork (2 light weapon dice Armour 1). The Marine rolls a 1 and adds 2 for his Armour Value. The Ork rolls 2 and adds 1 for his Armour Value. The Close Combat is a draw.

This simple rule change prevents lowly Gretchen from slicing through Space Marine armour with unrealisitc ease, while allowing enemies like Chaos Space Marines and Genestealers to still pose a significant threat up close.


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