Aliens Boardgame: Alernate Grenade Rules

Grenades in Leading Edge’s Aliens Boardgame are pretty much useless except as a last-ditch suicide attack. The following homebrew rules makes them more useful, yet ensures that they are not overpowered and still pose a threat to the Marines using them.


Alternate Grenade Rules

Whenever a grenade is detonated, first consult the Grenade Range Table below (instead of the old Grenade Table) to see which Aliens and Marines are caught in the blast radius and how each is affected.



Range From Blast Alien Marine
0 Dead Dead
1 Roll -2 Roll -2
2 Roll Roll -1
3-4 Roll


Anyone – Marine and Alien alike – in the same square as the Grenade is automatically Dead, however Marines and Aliens in squares up to 2 (for Aliens) or 4 (for Marines) away from the detonation must roll the die (1D10) and apply any listed modifier to see how they weather the blast.



Die Roll Alien Marine
0-2 Dead Dead
3-4 Stunned Incapacitated
5-6 Stunned Wounded


Example #1: Hicks fires a Grenade at two Aliens adjacent to each other. The furthest is 6 spaces away. The Alien in the target square is killed instantly. Hicks rolls for the adjacent Alien (1 square away from the blast) and gets a 4. As indicated by the table, he then subtracts 2 from the roll, reducing it to 2; the second Alien is also killed. Hicks himself is 6 spaces away, safely outside of the blast radius, so he does not need to roll.

Example #2: Crowe fires a Grenade at an Alien 4 spaces away. The Alien is killed instantly, but Crowe must roll the die. He rolls a 4, meaning he is Incapacitated by the blast himself!


Stunned Aliens

An Alien that gets a Stun result from a Grenade is moved one space away from the blast to an unobstructed adjacent space and is considered Stunned (see the last paragraph of Section 1.6 in the original rules for more details). If there is no unobstructed space they can be moved to, the Alien remains in its original space but is still Stunned as normal.


Cover From Grenades

If Line of Sight between a Marine or Alien and a Grenade detonation square cannot be measured without passing through a solid square (i.e. one that blocks movement), that Marine/Alien is “shielded” from the blast, meaning you do not roll for them to be hit.

If Line of Sight between a Marine or Aliens and a Grenade detonation square cannot be traced without passing through a blue-shaded square (e.g. the desks and other clutter on the Operations map), that blue-shaded square counts as *two* spaces for the purpose of determining distance from blast radius.

Example: if Gorman is 2 squares away from a Grenade explosion but one of those squares is a blue-shaded square, you would consult the row for “3-4” when looking up “Range From Blast” on the Grenade Range Table.


Acid Splash From Grenades

Any Alien rendered Dead by a Grenade will inflict an Acid Spray attack on any adjacent Marines as normal, except with a -2 modifier to each roll due to the large volume of acid being sprayed as the Alien explodes.


Grenade Ammo

It is strongly recommended that you use the official optional rules for Ammo tracking with these homebrew Grenade Rules, to limit the number of Grenades each Marine carries and can use.


Increasing/Decreasing Grenade Damage

If you are using additional homebrew rules to allow different equipment, weapons and armor (as I do), this change to the Grenade rules makes things easier. A Marine wearing a HARDCore suit, for example, could add +1 to any Grenade Hit roll against them (making them more likely to escape damage, or at least death). A Marine firing a SADAR rocket launcher instead of a standard grenade launcher might mean that anyone caught in the blast is -1 to Grenade Hit rolls, since the explosion is more powerful.


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