Aliens Boardgame: Replacement Marine Cards (Default)

Below are my attempt to accurately recreate the Marine character cards used in Leading Edge’s Aliens Boardgame. These should be identical in terms of stats to the default ones included with the original game, and I have tried to mimic the same colour scheme (each Marine has a unique colour on their cards and pawns) and layout. I’ve even strived to use the same images whenever possible. Note that in a few cases, I was unable to find the original image online at decent resolution; in those cases, substitutions were made hopefully in the same spirit of the originals. There is one exception: clearly Leading Edge’s license did not allow for the likeness of Sigourney Weaver to be used (the picture on Ripley’s original card is obscured by shadow), but given this is free fan content, I deliberately chose a different, clearer image for Ripley’s card.

Default Cards

Note: I have tried to keep the dimensions of these cards as close to the originals as possible (18.6 x 11.9 cm or 7.33 x 4.67 inches); hopefully, printing them will result in a close match, but please let me know if not.

One thought on “Aliens Boardgame: Replacement Marine Cards (Default)

  1. Oops! I’d somehow neglected to upload Crowe’s default card remake! Sorry! I’ve added him to the list. RIP, Tip Tipping (the stuntman who played Crowe in the movie), you amazing crazy-brave SOB!


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