Aliens Boardgame: Replacement Marine Cards (Alternate)

I already posted my attempt to accurately recreate the default Marine cards that come with Leading Edge’s Aliens Boardgame here. What follows are my edited versions of the same character cards, tweaked in the following ways:

Weapon Loadout

Weapon loadout is now “secondary/backup weapon” = first weapon listed, “primary/main weapon” = second weapon listed.

On the original cards, the weapons listed for each Marine were based on scenario (first = Reactor Room, second = Operations and Air Ducts”).

My version of the cards arms each Marine with what they would normally be issued (for example, Vasquez and Drake have Machineguns and backup Pistols) or are most trained to use (Ferro and Spunkmeyer only carry Pistols, but are trained to use other weapons).

When playing scenarios, simply enforce the following rules to maintain consistency with the original game (and movie):

  • Only Pistols, Flame Units and Machineguns may be used in the Reactor Room scenario.
  • Any weapon on a Marine’s card may be used in other scenarios, unless otherwise indicated by that scenario as the Reactor Room does. Marines are free to switch between the two weapons on their card (and exchange weapons with other Marines) as per the Expansion rules on backup weapons and weapon swapping.
  • If playing the Movie Scenario or several scenarios in a row, only weapons that have ammo remaining and haven’t been dropped/lost in a previous scenario can be used, unless otherwise stated by the scenario.

Note that Burke and Ripley will normally be unarmed and Gorman, Ferro and Spunkmeyer only carry Pistols ordinarily, however for the sake of the game they have been given stats for other weapons and can be assumed to have these in the appropriate scenarios (e.g. Hunt for the Queen, from the Expansion).

Hasty Shots

Each weapon has one of its values surrounded by a white box. This indicates the value used when making a Hasty Shot, as per the optional rule published in “The General” magazine article Alien Metamorphosis (see here). I like this rule, so included this feature on my cards, but feel free to ignore it.

Wounded Newt

All Marines suffer penalties to their hit values and Melee score when Wounded. The only exception is Newt, since she has Melee 0 and cannot use weapons. To greater encourage keeping her safe, my version of her card lowers her Tunnel Knowledge by 1 when Wounded, suggesting injury will cause panic/confusion to result in a greater chance of taking the wrong direction in the air ducts. Again, if you don’t like this, just use her normal card.

No Bishop?

Note that there is no alternate Bishop card included here, as I’ve made no changes to his stats or abilities so far.

Variant Cards

If you think the idea of Burke toting a Pulse Rifle is laughable, I’ve made a variant card that only allows him to use a Pistol.

It also always struck me as odd that Ripley has a Melee value of 1, higher than most trained Colonial Marines. Sure, Ripley is one tough woman, but I struggle to see her (in Aliens, at least) able to easily outfight career soldiers like Frost or Dietrich who have presumable undergone close quarters combat training. Also, this high Melee value makes Ripley a very powerful piece when coupled with her 3 Actions. For an exercise in re-balance, I have created a variant card for Ripley that reduces her Melee to 0 (same as Hudson, Frost and most of the “grunt” Marines). Note that this variant version of Ripley should only be used alongside other (additional) Marines when playing a custom version of the Rescue of Newt scenario, since her chance of surviving solo is much lower (unless you want a real challenge!).

I have also created a variant Wierzbowski card that gives him Melee 1. Wierzbowski is a pretty big guy who looks quite capable of handling himself in a fight. Also, this change adds greater variety to the otherwise-disposable “grunt” Marines characters and might encourage (and help) them to survive longer.

Finally, I have included a version of Apone with his Flame Unit (as seen in the original game) and a version of Hudson, Ripley and Burke using the weapons they otherwise had no stats for on their original cards, either for use in custom scenarios or just so that you have “on card” versions of stats for those “class” of character (e.g. Shotgun stats for a “Marine Grunt” like Hudson, “Civilian” like Burke or “Hero” like Ripley).

As with all these cards, feel free to use or ignore these variant versions.

Alternate Cards

Variant Alternate Cards

Note: I have tried to keep the dimensions of these cards as close to the originals as possible (18.6 x 11.9 cm or 7.33 x 4.67 inches); hopefully, printing them will result in a close match, but please let me know if not.

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