Star Wars D6: 1st Edition Rules Upgrade

I posted earlier about my love for West End Games Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game (known informally as Star Wars D6) and my preference for the original first edition rules.

This doesn’t mean the first edition was perfect. Indeed, West End Games released several “updates” to the system during the games’ lifespan.

First came a “Rules Upgrade” booklet that was included with most first edition adventure modules. This was both an errata to the rules of the original 1987 core rulebook and an addition that added a few new rules.

Next came the “Rules Companion”, a full-blown softback book that added a lot of new rules and concepts, essentially turning the game into “1.5 edition” when combined with the core 1E book.

The “Second Edition” (this time a standalone replacement core book) made quite a few changes to much of the game, and was a far more “crunchy” (detail heavy) ruleset than the first edition. Although popular, I never really liked it and mostly stuck with the first edition (with a few Rules Upgrade/Companion rules thrown in when needed).

The final iteration of the official rules was “Second Edition: Revised and Expanded”, essentially v2.5 that tweaked the second edition further, and IMO is the second-best ruleset (and arguably the best if you prefer “crunch” to the more cinematic 1E). It is also a gorgeous, full-colour hardback that still holds up against the most lavish RPG tomes released today.

As I said, I prefer the first edition personally, so was very happy that it was the edition Fantasy Flight Games chose to recently reprint. However, the reprint is pretty much a 1:1 re-release of the original book, meaning none of the later rules were added.

I’ve seen quite a few new players drawn to this awesome re-release of an awesome classic game system, but who are confused at which rules are “the best” or if “everything needed is included”.

IMO, tracking down the Rules Companion is helpful, but ideally you at least want the Rules Upgrade booklet. Sadly, for whatever reason, Fantasy Flight Games chose not to include this booklet in the slipcase re-release, even though they really should have, as it is quite difficult to come by these days seeing as it never got a standalone release.

So, for those who want it, I’m posting the Rules Upgrade booklet here on my blog. It’s not my scan, but the person who did it only posted the PDF to a site that’s a pain to download from. Hopefully, by reposting it here, it will be more accessible. Feel free to share it around!

Download Link:

Star Wars D6: Rules Upgrade (for 1st Edition)

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